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Hardwood Floors continue to be one of the most preferred choices for floor coverings, and the number of wood-like flooring materials on the market is overwhelming. When it comes to real wood flooring, there are 2 main options: solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.  It is often assumed that choosing between these two types of floors is a matter of personal preference and in many cases, this may be true, but you’ll need to visit our showroom and let us show you some of the differences between solid and engineered hardwood flooring in order to help you better understand their pros and cons.

Solid hardwood is a 100% natural product that responds to air humidity variations. During warm and humid summers, it is not unusual for wood to expand. During cold and dry winters, wood can contract. If room temperature and humidity levels are not kept in the optimum range, minor gapping or cupping may occur seasonally.

Engineered hardwood, because of the cross-layers of plywood and/or real wood used for middle and bottom layers, engineered hardwood flooring has enhanced internal balance and reduced possibility of twisting or warping. Seasonal movement is minimal, while dimensional stability through seasonal humidity and temperature fluctuations is superb. This is why engineered hardwood flooring is preferable over solid in interiors where fluctuations in humidity and temperature may be significant (cottages, basements etc).

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