Granite & Quartz Countertops

Providing granite & quartz countertops in the greater Vancouver area.

When you want to change just one thing in your kitchen or bathroom, make it your countertops. Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to get greater impact in appearance and performance with just one move. For a partial remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, turn to Affordable Floors for granite and quartz countertops in Vancouver, WA. Our locally owned store provides customers with affordable flooring, as well as home remodeling services. With more than 40 years of experience, we are the contractor you can trust for granite and quartz countertop installation. Reach out to us to talk about products, services, and prices. Count on us for gorgeous granite and quartz counters that add value and appeal to your kitchen or bathroom. We work in close partnership with local suppliers for natural stone, as well as an outstanding local fabricator to cut slabs to specification. In addition, our team of skilled craftsmen has the experience and know-how to install countertops that enhance appearance and ensure longevity.

Quartz Offers Beauty & Easy Maintenance

Let us provide you with quartz countertops that offer all the beauty and strength of natural stone, plus manufacturing enhancements. Engineering improves quartz, so these stone slabs are easier to clean and maintain. In the factory, resin and pigments are added to quartz to make this surface material nonporous and control the color and pattern. What this means for you is quartz counters don’t have any pores. That makes it impossible for debris or bacteria to hide in small holes and contaminate food or make cleaning difficult. Another happy result is that the color is enhanced for deeper tones and additional shades, as well as increased uniformity in pattern. You have more selection, and it’s easier to match pieces when cuts are made.

Affordable Speckled Granite for Your Home

Granite countertops are prized in high-end homes for the characteristic speckles and weighty presence. This countertop material defies scratches, bacteria, and heat to provide beauty and functionality in your kitchen or bathroom. With us, you get great value on granite slabs for we have ties with local suppliers. After all, “affordable” is part of our name for flooring and countertops.

Quartz & Granite in the Kitchen & Bathroom

You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, preparing meals and cleaning up afterward. You deserve countertops that make cooking a joy. Whether quartz or granite, we supply quality surfaces and follow up with exceptional installation.

The bathroom is a small, but busy place. The countertops you add in this room serve as a focal point. Quartz and granite are worthy of gracing the space in your kitchen or bathroom. Come into our showroom to see samples and start planning for countertop installation.

Contact us today to talk about the merits of quartz and granite for kitchen and bathroom counters. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Greater Vancouver, Washington.

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